Saturday, August 28, 2010

title: images of boston -- color

and now for my favorite color shots of boston. it can be such a vibrant place.

this is my cousin nina, up a tree in the public gardens. we got to walk across the pond, and were thoroughly excited about it.

boats on the charles, most of them from MIT's sailing team:these are some of the many souvenirs the guys in the common have to offer. not pictured: super-patriotic "don't tread on me" tees.the colorful rings on the fence at tadpole playground:these trees along the esplanade are popular among emerson's photography students. here they are in the fall:and here are some pretty star magnolias, photographed near hynes:ok! that's the end of that little retrospective. see you around, everybody!

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title: images of boston -- black and white

i decided to make a few posts compiling my favorites out of all the photos i've taken in this city. the first is my favorite black and white photos. let's get this show on the road.

i love how forbidding this ONE is. i believe it is on tremont street, on the way to fanueil hall from the common.
here is the distorted reality of a reflection in a window near south station:this is the brattle book shop in the back bay, one of my favorite places to go and browse on a nice day. (no rhymes intended.) i actually sent this image as a post card to the netherlands.and here are some girls enjoying the sailboats at the esplanade:

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Friday, August 27, 2010

title: welcome back!

greetings, blogtopians and internites! i have return from the great, bright beyond with photographs. yes, real images of the strange and physical world in which i have lived for the past few months. as the summer season draws to a close, let me boggle your mind with these snapshots!
above, you will see pictures from chicago. my brother now goes to loyola university. congratulations, stevie! next, i have a couple pictures for you from the united states botanical garden in washington, d.c. if you ever go, make sure you spend a long time in the mosses and ferns room. it is a cool, damp, silent place; a place full of spores and peace.
and finally, allow me to introduce the newest member of my family. she's a cat. her name is ms. minoes. show 'em some love, minoes!squeezable, no? see you next time, and my (repeated) apologies for such a prolonged absence of photography!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

title: big schools

whenever i visit uconn, i get to appreciate the things large schools can have that emerson never could. first, there is the huge library. i may be a bit biased because nathan works there, but i think it is beautiful. they have so many old books, and it is so big that you can always find a place to feel alone and hidden.
the second is the greenhouse. actually, nathan used to work there, too. it has plants from all over the world. someday i am going to get nathan to do a guest post on my blog with the pictures he took of them. they are seriuously beautiful.that's all. i'm home for the summer, so you can begin to expect the usual posts re: flowers, bugs, and the great outdoors.
happy mother's day!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

title: the "other" boston tea party

the tea party express rolled into town last wednesday. i'm not going to say anything else about it. allow my photos speak for me.
these colors don't run.
because they're all white.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

title: we are all going a bit mad here

i am a hotheaded person. i am rough around the edges. i lose my temper easily, and my cool easier still. it's not as if i don't try to be patient. i always aim at temperance. but controlling it is not so easy as just "not doing". nathan will always put up with my explosions, implosions, and general coarseness. he will step right into the line of fire and take the abuse, he will get right at me and say some silly thing that was exactly what i needed to hear. he can create calm from chaos. i wish i could be so consistent and gentle with him. the best i can create is the simulacrum of picks up where the other leaves off. wasn't that cute.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

title: finally we awaken

an appeal to all the senses to come out slowly.

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