Thursday, January 1, 2009

title: my christmas break thus far

hi! i have my computer back and that means pictures for you! my mom is sitting behind me on the couch and she keeps trying to get looks at the pictures before i post them. sneaky mom! here they are so you can stop craning your neck. :{)

the first two pictures are the results of my favorite christmas present--a tripod!
this is what i wake up every day in the winter hoping to see. it's my backyard covered in snow, as seen from my bedroom window in the morning!!!! hey weather, let's make with the flakes already!

these next two are not necessarily well-made photos, but i love them!

the first is nathan's present to me. we had christmas with our families (him at home and me in boston) so we celebrated our own mini-xmas on the 23rd. this beautiful arrangement is what greeted me when i walked in his front door!
he made the tree out of papier mâché and painted it those beautiful colors. all of those leaves that have "fallen" off the tree are real--the boy must have been pressing leaves for months! excuse the bed in the background--he was living in his living room. :{O

my dad got my mom the BEST present ever this christmas. she loves to watch "top chef" on bravo, so...she got a top chef apron! it even has her name on it. and, i swear, she wears while she's cooking. yes!!! (i made her pose for this picture. note the sarcastic smile.)

ok, that's it for now! hopefully you'll be hearing from me more frequently now..
p.s. i managed to avoid dick clark and his little monkey sidekick ryan seacrest this year. and guess what--my eve still rocked. can you believe it?! happy new year!

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