Sunday, May 24, 2009

title: may 23

hello blog fans! i would like to introduce you to....baaaaaaby radishes :)
i am so proud of them. they exploded in just 2 days. the hardest part now will be thinning them so they can grow healthily. i can't throw my babies out!

my family and i took a trip to duke farms (formerly duke gardens) yesterday. it was...disappointing. they closed down the themed greenhouses and the mansion last year. they have a loop trail in the woods, but there was nothing there that couldn't be seen in the watershed or the sourlands. they are in the process of restoring it, so maybe in a few more years there will be some attraction. they seem to have a grand plan to make themselves a main landmark in new jersey. i also think it's good that they want to turn it into a center for environmental learning--hopefully they will find the funding to pull this off. but however simple the duke estate was, it was nice to get out and take some pictures. i just got word from nathan that we have permission to photograph the honeybrook organic farm where he works. this is super exciting. wildflowers! veggies! herbs! children! see you soon!

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