Monday, January 12, 2009

title: jan 11

these photos on sunday i took are all unintentionally blue themed. i think blue is a good way to describe how the watershed (nature preserve) smelled when i was there. it was at that point where the ice was melting so it was slick and shiny and clear, but it was also so cold that the snow still crunched and the plants were still coated. just relax and think about the winteriest clear january day you can think of. and look, there it is!
i used to have this i spy book with a winter scene in it. everything in the photograph had a golden, late-day light that made the objects hidden in the snow look extra magical. i couldn't believe it when i found that exact lighting!! these treasures were actually little thingies i hid in a fort i built out there during high school. i forgot about them, and a year later they were right there waiting to pose for me! you can see the value of my treasure is entirely sentimental. is that a power ranger coin?

there is this really cool blue pump by the lake that always makes me think of that bob dylan song "subterranean homesick blues". whenever i walk by i say "the pump don't work cause the vandals took the handle." i love that line, in all it's silly rhyming glory.i am still promising some lovely photos from the mercer museum or fonthill manor. just you wait!

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