Friday, June 19, 2009

title: iranian election

i just wanted to post this link to faramaz hashemi's flickr photoset of the iranian election protests.

photography has played an immensely important role in the global publicization of the protests and violence happening in tehran. with the country's media blockade, the protests have made reporters and photojournalists out of amateur photographers. these people are taking pictures to document and express the changes and horrors happening around them, and this is photography in its purest form. the power and succintity of image is fully exemplified in the shots which have been uploaded from within tehran. i am so pleased that the people of iran have managed to get this much exposed. i hope as many people around the world see these pictures as possible, and that they help to keep us vigilant and aware as iran's series of events unfolds. whatever the outcome, it cannot happen in secret.

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