Tuesday, October 6, 2009

title: amsterdam and back again!

this post is loooong overdue. if any of you have been to my flickr, the photos from my weekend in amsterdam (september 25-27) have been there for a while. i can get myself to edit and upload them, but posting is apparently one step too many! as you probably have figured out, getting the feel of a place is not my strongest point. if you want an all-inclusive tour of amsterdam, better to find it on earthalbum. however, if you're here for a hana's-eye-view...
i don't know how i left that city without visiting the FOAM museum! my friend alex and i did get to the van gogh museum, however, which was really cool. i felt a real kinship with van gogh while walking through the exhibits and reading about his life, and this was despite the moderately large crowd milling around the galleries. we also took a trip as a class to the rijksmuseum (where i didn't get to see the famous rembrandt de nachtwacht because my teacher spent so long lecturing about other paintings! gaaaahh!!!) and the amsterdams historisch museum, both of which were really good lessons in dutch art and social culture.

over the past two weeks, how to accurately describe this city has been buzzing around inside my head. judgement aside, i can absolutely say that amsterdam is food for the senses. if you are paying a little attention, you will find yourself soaking in the strangeness of humanity when you visit.

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