Monday, August 31, 2009

title: august, round two

my mom's side of the family recently came up for my grandmother's memorial service. we planted two sugar maples at the main entrance to the stony brook millstone watershed center, one for her and one for my grandfather. this corresponded with the weekend of the watershed's butterfly festival. here are some of the celebrated lepidoptera:
we also rode in the back of my uncle's pickup truck. such are the joys of moving fast during the summer:
tomorrow my dad goes back to work (which is also back to school. imagine that double header.). he and i went on a walk at swinging bridges (behind the insitute of advanced study in princeton). the bridge is awesome! it was super muddy, and we both came very close to taking some major spills.
august is royally and officially over. most of my time is devoted to alternatively worrying about and being excited for my trip to the netherlands. it's all about planning weekend trips and stuff--i wonder if there is a single person on this trip who is thinking about the schoolwork?here's to summer as a big kid.

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