Tuesday, February 3, 2009

title: feb 3

today was pretty much the exact opposite of yesterday. it snowed. in fact, it's still snowing. i didn't have class until 4, so i took the time to ride out to the wonderland t stop on the blue line and visit revere beach. those of you who have seen eternal sunshine of the spotless mind would understand very much why a trip to beach in the snow is such a desiriable thing for me.
so, turns out the movie told the truth: the beach is actually there all year round. it sort of faded into my view through the snowstorm. here's something eternal sunshine didn't convey: the beach is freaking terrifying in the wintertime. i swear all of my organs sank 2 inches in my chest when i saw it. i don't know if anyone else can verify this fact--maybe i'm just crazy.

my photos don't convey the fear--i think it has something to do with the waves moving. in fact, the photos i took today are not my a game. i was so awed and distracted by the beach around me (and the fact that there was SNOW FREEZING ON MY LENS, DEAR GOD WHY). but maybe you will enjoy them simply for their novelty. there is a beach in this photo. there is also snow on said beach. what?!
good photos or not, i still had a great time. and i found some cool snail shells. i think i'm going to go back a lot, just because i can actually get to a beach in a reasonable amount of time FOR TWO DOLLARS. what is this madness?

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Anonymous Megan said...

I watched the "Am I pretty, Joel?" clip on Youtube the other day, and it made me cry.

I'm going out to buy the movie this weekend. While I don't quite understand why the beach terrified you so, I've never been to the beach in the winter, so I have no personal experience in that area.

February 3, 2009 at 10:11 PM  

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