Sunday, June 21, 2009

title: jun 21

remember those tiny little sprouts i posted pictures of at the end of may?
booyah, grandma! each of these radishes is gigantic, spicy, and delicious. they are my father's day gift to my dad, who helped me build the garden earlier this summer. idn't dat just da sweetest widdle thing?

today it's actually sunny out. that's a rare occurrence. how about you take a little look into my world?those marigolds came out of my garden. they keep the rabbits away because they're all spicy smelling. i like how the flower petals taste--try some!

speaking of trying some...did you know that vegan cinnamon rolls exist?! i know i haven't said even a teensy word about veganism in a while, but i promise these will make up for it. click here for the recipe!

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