Wednesday, February 11, 2009

title: feb 11

i actually have photos for you! i had an hour before class today so i decided to do some wandering around the common. i wish i could describe to you how the air smelled. just think cold, clean, cotton sheets. i definitely whiffed spring. you probably did too if you live in/near boston. words cannot express my excitement for spring.
i really wanted to make this here paperclip stand out against the grass. paperclips are pretty visually impressive, as far as office supplies go, especially when they're colorful. so i got into photoshop and edited the crap out of this photo. may i say again, what a perfectly marvelous program. in internet news, i was fortunate enough to discover earthablum today. you can go to any part of the map and see photos from that area. i am in true love with the photos from japan. this is an awesome way to spend your time, and in a way it's a comprehensive course in photography. there is as much (if not more) to be learned by seeing other peoples' work and trying random things with your camera as there is to be taught in any photo class. i recommend all you readers out there go to earthalbum, select an exotic or exciting destination, and immerse yourself.

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Blogger Jordan said...

first one is my fav.

February 12, 2009 at 9:17 AM  

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