Saturday, June 27, 2009

title: jun 26

my friend mikee is really cool. he can do a really good russian accent, he can mime violence like nobody's business, and his voice is as smooth as belgian chocolate. he also has an old pinball machine in his basement--the kind that's completely mechanized and makes those satisfying dinging noises that all the virtual ones try to mimic. it's really pretty. while hanging out today i took some pictures of it, instead of the party that was going on in the background.
i used nathan's tiny canon powershot 880 and my old powershot a520. the first photo here is my a520, and the second two are his 880. i bought that a520 in hawaii in 2004--it was the first digital camera in my family and it's of the variety that still had out-of-the-lens analog viewfinders on them (making the film-to-digital transition easier for technophobes everywhere). this thing took all kinds of crap from me in my early teens, just learning how to use a camera for more than family portraits and blurry pictures of my dog. i paid for it with allowance money in the form of travelers' checks, with my rudimentary signature on the back. it's kind of like an old friend. aww.

in my humble, unknowledgeable opion, when it comes to consumer digital cameras, canon blows any competition out of the water. perhaps they blow competition out of the water in other fields, but this is all i have any expertise in. discuss if you want. see you in the comments!

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