Wednesday, February 11, 2009

title: ahhh!

and now i'm going to do a quick update with some business.

first point of order: i have reached 200 hits. i am pretty sure that about 50 of them were me checking to see how many hits i have/previewing while editing the layout, but this still makes me excited. that means people like to read this and keep coming back! eeee!
in line with this, i encourage you to leave me a comment if you see something you like! i have anonymous comments enabled, so you don't have to sign into crap to say something. you really have no excuse.

second point of order: you may have noticed my nifty new creative commons license. it's totally lenient, and just asks that you give me credit when using my work in noncommercial derivatives and that you share whatever you make in an equally generous way. i can only feel like i'm contributing to my culture if my work is available for everyone to remix.
and in line with that, you should send me a link to what you make! show me! i am greatly excited by the idea of inspiring others because there are so many people who inspire me.

third point of order: i put my blog on stumbleupon. i know, i'm lame, "thumbs-up"ing myself and all. buuuttt...if you're stumbling, and you like, thumbs-up me. do a girl a favor.

thanks for looking. high five!

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