Friday, March 13, 2009

title: mar 9

let me start off by saying: i love kimya dawson. she makes me happy. she is who i aspire to be. in my eyes she can do no wrong. she is my hero!!! listening to her songs is like getting a huge, warm hug. only that in your soul!!! so obviously, getting to see her in a hometown near me is cause for nights of feasting and merriment. this show was wonderful and magical and so much fun! her shows never feel like shows, they feel like family reunions. good ones! i am so thankful to have had my camera with me. in the past i've been stuck with my tiny digital camera that can't do butt in low light. my lens still more or less sucks for low-light shooting, but having the slr made a world of difference. enough talk! let's check these photos out!
if you have never heard kimya's music beyond juno or the radio, i suggest you listen. if you are wondering why there is a person in a neon orange bag prancing around behind kimya, i suggest you go here, and also watch this. and by the way, his name is dave end, he is a super cool musician and a member of the underthrust dance troupe. he makes me feel like hugging everything. i am really excited about this post. i hope you learned something! and if you didn't, i hope you at least liked the pictures!

by the way, it has just come to my attention that we have surpassed 300 hits. that's a lot of hits! thanks, guys!

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