Sunday, July 19, 2009

title: jul 18

i am very wary of night photography. i have a tripod, but i rarely use it because my lens is very poor in low light anyways. i was in the mood to try it last night, though, so nathan and i went to the watershed and i set up my camera (that sentence sounds very inappropriate, young lady). i took a whole bunch of pictures of the sky, trying to capture an image of the stars, and took a few shots at the skyline.
this last one is really freakin' cool, if i do say so myself. you can't really tell from this tiny photo, but if you click here and go to the large version on my flickr page, you can see the evenly-spaced blinks from the plane's red light as it flies across the shot. i promise this is the actual image i took (no stars added), but i completely changed the contrast, brightness, and color settings. as i post this, i have photos of fireflies from tonight waiting on my camera (the draft of this post has been sitting on my computer unpublished all day). this is how things get done in the summer. :)

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Blogger The Gadabout said...

Oh, I love the first one. Beautiful. It reminds me of road trips with my family when I was little. Driving at night was my favorite thing ever. I loved looking out over the tops of black trees to see a dark, pinkish sky...
Thanks for bringing that back!

July 19, 2009 at 10:58 PM  

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