Thursday, July 16, 2009

title: the past few weeks.

comrades and lovers--i return with photos!
i'm sorry for the long break. at a few parties over the past few days, several friends (and even vague acquaintances!) from high school have told me that they like my blog and/or photography. shamefacedly, i realized i haven't updated this thing since the fourth! there have been quite a few pictures fermentin' on my camera, spanning the time between posts. they are all green. maybe this is because they have been sitting on my camera for so long that they have started to get moldy. take a look.
the below four photos were taken at that time of the day--the late afternoon haze on a summer day when the light is golden and every picture you take is amazing. check out the cool "flare" effects caused by my dusty, uncleaned lens.that's my dad. it's his birthday on monday (july 20th). you should facebook him and tell him happy birthday! his name is chris.i'm friends with him. that's right--he's my dad and my friend!

happy birthday, dad!

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