Friday, July 24, 2009

title: bright colors.

i have very little to say because i am so damn excited! i leave for colonial williamsburg tomorrow with my friend clara, and i hope to come back having had a buttload of fun and taken a buttload of photos. i am sure i could muse on the beauty andwonder of colorful things for about 4 paragraphs, but instead i will post the pictures and go on my merry way to bed. you guys just need to see these, is all!i brought my beets in from my garden, and this cicada was just chilling out on the stalks! it really didn't want to leave...nathan had to flick it off the stalk to get it to fly away!
those last two were leftovers from my firefly attempts--i couldn't get any of the little bugs on film, but the sunset provided some truly lovely views.

i would also like to add that i saw a performance by prominent tuvan throat singers alash today, and took some photos which i think came out well. look forward to an informative, musical, and photographic post when i get back from my trip! hurray!

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