Tuesday, August 11, 2009

title: tuvan throat singing

a couple of thursdays ago i was fortunate enough to take in a free performance by the amazing ensemble alash. they are comprised of some of the greatest musicians in tuva, a small republic of russia located in southern siberia.
they are all throat singers. if you've never heard throat singing, you will be blown away. even if you have, these guys are among the best. listen to their samples on their site, and seriously think about buying a cd.
for some reason stephen colbert has been all about throat singing lately, so maybe you heard about it from him. at the suggestion of chris (nathan's mom's boyfriend, but i know him a lot better than that title makes it seem), alash is going to try and get on the colbert report. they deserve the colbert bump.the igil, a stringed tuvan instrument played with a bow, always includes the image of a horse's head because of a legend about a boy and his beloved horse. nathan is building one of these, and he got a lot of tips from the group's interpreter/friend/agent when we went to the concert.

if you live in the princeton, nj area, there is talk of the group returning for another performance. i highly reccomend going! the concert we went to was presented by the arts council of princeton, so checking their website would probably be your best bet. now go visit the alash website (linked at the top of this post) and listen!!

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Blogger ibeam said...

I was at this concert and yes, it was amazing. I actually got to see Alash perform 5 times in 7 days last July and was nice to spend some time with Sean Quirk and the boys. They actually brought for me a doshpuluur all the way from Kyzyl! I spoke with their tour manager and they are going to be back in Princeton on March 11.

January 9, 2010 at 10:16 AM  

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