Wednesday, August 5, 2009

title: memories of colonial williamsburg

so, remember that girl who used to update this blog? no? well, allow me to introduce myself...

the pictures from colonial williamsburg have been sitting on my computer for quite a while. there aren't very many of them, because much of the time i was trying to fit in and look historical. clara and i looked so good. we took that town by storm. we were in at least ten vacation photos (meaning people actually posed with us!!), and got some very suspicious looks from the real colonial williamsburg staff. it was really fun! we didn't last very long camping--it turns out that the mosquitos in virginia have giant fangs that can pierce everything you might try to use to keep them from your blood. we spent one night at that campground, packed up, and checked in to the days inn across the street. i spent most of the time with my camera in my basket, because it was really fun to pretend we worked there. we were definitely living out a fantasy. clara doubly so, because she looked like of the things i was most enamored with was the brightness and variety of the wallpapers and fabrics that people (mostly the wealthy, actually) decorated with in the 18th century. i guess with all the stoic portraits we see in school it's easy to believe that everything looked that way. not so! i present to you a few of the textiles of colonial williamsburg:
all in all, colonial williamsburg is a beautiful place. it's worth a trip, but even more so in costume. you feel like royalty, even if you dress like a peasent or a middle class person. everyone says hello to you, and little girls will freeze in their spot and begin to drool on sight.
i have a lot of catching up to do with my photos. keep your eyes peeled all week!!

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