Thursday, November 20, 2008

title: oct 31

this is my friend joe in full halloween costume. he was a version of twiggy ramirez, and (emerson kids that we are) we did a photo shoot. these are just two shots that came out of it. maybe he can tell me if there are some others he likes? (hint hint)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

title: afternoon of nov 19

it's a bitter, bitter cold day in new england. when you look at my photos from today imagine touching cold concrete with your bare hands.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

title: weekend of nov 15

i have left the blog post-less all weekend. i was out taking photos for it! and enjoying a nice family visit. here i have for you some immensely moody shots of the fells in winchester, ma:

a tiny sparrow taking a tentative peck while the pigeons aren't looking:
and something sinister:

highly appropriate since i saw the exorcist for the first time last night. imagine that staring at you in the dark! beats out linda blair in pancake makeup any day.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

title: afternoon of oct 17

well, i made the mistake of thinking i was all caught up. i just found some photos from a day i went out to do a shoot of gym signs for em magazine. joe came with me and we encountered the blue reflection from the side of some bank building in downtown crossing.
after i got the pictures i needed we walked down to the esplanade and i took the archetypal esplanade picture.i realized only after taking this that i saw the same shot in developed images' (the photo club here at emerson) black and white book from last year. great minds think alike! why have i not joined said photo society? it's a mystery.
but here's one i'm sure i made up. there was a dead branch from some bush and/or tree on the steps that go down into the water (not the charles, but this stagnant pool of yuck before it), and i held it up and took some moody shots that remind me of italy for some reason.
but i will allow those who have actually left our country to be the real judge of that.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

title: evening of nov 12

i'm back in the present! kind of. my friend joe is creating a garden on his bedroom wall. his beautiful drawings are still seedlings.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

title: weekend of oct 5

going back even further in time, and trying to catch myself up: the weekend before my birthday i visited my aunt muggy and her family in winchester. we went apple picking and to the topsfield fair (a shocking affair, i do declare..). i spent this entire weekend jazzed up on caramel apples. i was too busy eating them to take photos of them. just a few little photos illustrate my first weekend of experimentation with my d80:
the inifite amount of possible explanations for the expressions in this photo is really my only reason for posting it.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

title: weekend of oct 11

my birthday weekend was really strange. my plans for celebration here at emerson were pushed out of the schedule and i found myself at home saying the final farewell to my grandma jeanette. my birthday present (received a few weeks earlier) was a nikon d80 with an 18-55 mm vr lens (i.e. my dream camera). here's what i did with it:

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