Friday, July 24, 2009

title: bright colors.

i have very little to say because i am so damn excited! i leave for colonial williamsburg tomorrow with my friend clara, and i hope to come back having had a buttload of fun and taken a buttload of photos. i am sure i could muse on the beauty andwonder of colorful things for about 4 paragraphs, but instead i will post the pictures and go on my merry way to bed. you guys just need to see these, is all!i brought my beets in from my garden, and this cicada was just chilling out on the stalks! it really didn't want to leave...nathan had to flick it off the stalk to get it to fly away!
those last two were leftovers from my firefly attempts--i couldn't get any of the little bugs on film, but the sunset provided some truly lovely views.

i would also like to add that i saw a performance by prominent tuvan throat singers alash today, and took some photos which i think came out well. look forward to an informative, musical, and photographic post when i get back from my trip! hurray!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

title: jul 18

i am very wary of night photography. i have a tripod, but i rarely use it because my lens is very poor in low light anyways. i was in the mood to try it last night, though, so nathan and i went to the watershed and i set up my camera (that sentence sounds very inappropriate, young lady). i took a whole bunch of pictures of the sky, trying to capture an image of the stars, and took a few shots at the skyline.
this last one is really freakin' cool, if i do say so myself. you can't really tell from this tiny photo, but if you click here and go to the large version on my flickr page, you can see the evenly-spaced blinks from the plane's red light as it flies across the shot. i promise this is the actual image i took (no stars added), but i completely changed the contrast, brightness, and color settings. as i post this, i have photos of fireflies from tonight waiting on my camera (the draft of this post has been sitting on my computer unpublished all day). this is how things get done in the summer. :)

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

title: the past few weeks.

comrades and lovers--i return with photos!
i'm sorry for the long break. at a few parties over the past few days, several friends (and even vague acquaintances!) from high school have told me that they like my blog and/or photography. shamefacedly, i realized i haven't updated this thing since the fourth! there have been quite a few pictures fermentin' on my camera, spanning the time between posts. they are all green. maybe this is because they have been sitting on my camera for so long that they have started to get moldy. take a look.
the below four photos were taken at that time of the day--the late afternoon haze on a summer day when the light is golden and every picture you take is amazing. check out the cool "flare" effects caused by my dusty, uncleaned lens.that's my dad. it's his birthday on monday (july 20th). you should facebook him and tell him happy birthday! his name is chris.i'm friends with him. that's right--he's my dad and my friend!

happy birthday, dad!

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

title: jun 27

i uploaded some pictures to flickr planning to post them here, but forgot about them completely! i visited the marina in trenton where nathan's parents are fixing up their boat for a cookout type thing last weekend, and it was a totally beautiful day. i got lost for like 2 hours trying to get there, but when i did arrive i ran around frantically taking pictures.
the marina is right next to a coal plant which captures the sunset beautifully. it also buzzes every 15 minutes or so. it's at this point that i realize i am really, really from new jersey--i was going to describe the coal plant as "majestic". it's an impressive structure, but it ain't majestic.

flickr did a really good job of arranging my photos on my front page:
does it grab similar colors on purpose, or is that just luck?

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