Friday, April 24, 2009

title: apr 24

i am at uconn visiting the one and only WUNCH (that's nathan, my boyfriend, for those not in the loop)! he had an hour long chemistry exam today, so i wandered around campus and snapped some shots:tomorrow it will be 80 degrees. expect some hot photos!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

title: apr 22

there is a gentle grayish light coming from the picture window in the living room. it is drizzling. the windows are open, and from the fifth floor i can hear cars going by and the wind in the alleyway. some of it catches in the window and blows a soft, fresh breeze on my bare feet and legs. under my soles the wooden coffee table is smooth and cool. the ceramic of the cup of tea i just finished off is still warm in my hand. occasionally a seagull will scraw from outside, giving the illusion that the ocean is just beyond the adjacent building. i feel just like this. it makes me sleepy.

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title: apr 19

beautiful. beautiful beautiful beautiful! the weather has been kickass, causing me to forsake my work and run free about the city. with spring my head gets pulled in every direction, full of ideas and choices and impulses. this is why this post is tagged with almost every tag i've got--i'm all over the place!

let me tell you why i love the "selective color" feature in photoshop. no, better yet, let me show you. this is, after all, a photo blog.horray for cool jellies! i took a trip to the new england aquarium on sunday, where a (heavily sponsored by soveriegn bank) exhibit of jellies was going on! the underground rooms were packed with hideous, screaming children (as was the rest of the aquarium), but you wouldn't know it from the looks of these guys. they're all "oh, yeah, i'm just glubbin' along."
did you know that to reproduce, they just spray their sperm and eggs all over the freakin' ocean and hope the stuff runs into each other somewhere in the great blue? squishy. insert "salty ocean" joke here. GUH.

p.s.: check out the cool new bar of links i've created right over there ---->
it has a bunch of links to my friends' blogs, which you can and should enjoy to the full extent of the law. i would also like to take this time to pee my pants over the fact that we are coming up on 500 hits, and a decent amount of them are not from my mom and dad's computer. thank you, boys and girls!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

title: mar 17

there is always time to take pictures on beautiful, seventy degree days. i had a date with myself today. there was a whole lot of pink.
i walked past this place and decided to go in. it's a cupcake restaurant. SERIOUSLY. a cupcake restaurant. and its adorable inside--all princessy and pink like a cupcake place should be. heaven. i have never had a more delcious cupcake in my life. plus two tons of icing.
i walked down to the esplanade to enjoy the spoils of cupcakey victory. i have never felt so attached to an object in my life. if that cupcake so much as shifted i would have crapped my pants. it is impossible to take a bad picture of a cherry tree in bloom.thanks for looking!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

title: apr 6

my camera went off by accident today when i was taking photos of things to sell on etsy.
well, i like it!