Monday, March 30, 2009

title: hello!

congratulations, blog! we have reached 400 hits!

on that note, if you are reading or looking briefly, you should leave me a comment! i love to get feedback. even the kind of feedback that tells me i need to do better. i'll also link to other photoblogs, because it's better when we're all in it together. just leave me a link and a greeting on any post.

the end!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

title: mar 28

today i went on a photo adventure with my dear friend jordan of best friend for lifelong. we tooled around by the esplanade, taking photos and talking. MIT was out there sailing. i edited a lot of my photos this time around because we were talking about it. what do you think?
i also recommend checking out his blog for both funny posts and his take on today!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

title: mar 26

freedom from the wecb dungeon leaves me with just enough time to take some photos! nothing special here :{)
spring! keep on coming!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

title: mar 24

i was recently on a film shoot which went from 10 pm to 4 am. afterward a couple of friends and i explored the city at those ungodly hours of the morning, eventually making our way to the beach to watch the sunrise. i didn't have my camera with me, but i was seeing so many things which were strange and different than they looked in the day. i made a mental note to do it again with my camera. of course, i picked the coldest night of the month to do it (last night). i woke up at 4 am, did some serious bundling, and went out to see what i could see.

i think i was a little jazzed up on coca cola and sugary diner pancakes the time after the film shoot, because i didn't see as many AMAZING pictures this time around. but i really enjoyed the search. the city is really surreal that time of night.
please make it be warm again!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

title: mar 15

it's over. spring break is over. we have to go back to work. this is a sad reality. walking through minuteman state park yesterday the immense suckiness of this fact hit me. but let it be said...i had a lot of fun this break! usually my spring breaks consist of sleeping or anticlimactic trips to florida. i think this time around i had a new appreciation for being home. thanks, college! below are 2 photos from minuteman.
i am especially proud of those pigeons. i was just taking a picture of them sitting there, then my cousins walked up and scared them. the forces of the universe organized and gave me a cool picture! i spent the weekend before the trip to minuteman at my aunt's house. observe with wonder!
my camera had been sitting in the cold car all night, then i brought it and every glass element on it got fogged up. it was scary--i thought it was the end of my camera. before it unfogged and i releaxed, i took this hazy photo. i promise it hasn't been edited except for size!

my spring break photos are nothing compared to my photoblog friend jordan's! check out his photos from his italy trip here. as a doctor, i reccomend you read his blog daily--it's often hilarious and always filled with awesome photos. to spring!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

title: mar 9

let me start off by saying: i love kimya dawson. she makes me happy. she is who i aspire to be. in my eyes she can do no wrong. she is my hero!!! listening to her songs is like getting a huge, warm hug. only that in your soul!!! so obviously, getting to see her in a hometown near me is cause for nights of feasting and merriment. this show was wonderful and magical and so much fun! her shows never feel like shows, they feel like family reunions. good ones! i am so thankful to have had my camera with me. in the past i've been stuck with my tiny digital camera that can't do butt in low light. my lens still more or less sucks for low-light shooting, but having the slr made a world of difference. enough talk! let's check these photos out!
if you have never heard kimya's music beyond juno or the radio, i suggest you listen. if you are wondering why there is a person in a neon orange bag prancing around behind kimya, i suggest you go here, and also watch this. and by the way, his name is dave end, he is a super cool musician and a member of the underthrust dance troupe. he makes me feel like hugging everything. i am really excited about this post. i hope you learned something! and if you didn't, i hope you at least liked the pictures!

by the way, it has just come to my attention that we have surpassed 300 hits. that's a lot of hits! thanks, guys!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

title: mar 7

at last! spring break! i came home to beautiful warm weather (though not anymore) and a computer full of viruses (my parents') that had to be repaired. to relax while the computer taunted me from my living room, i took some pictures around the house.the crocus growing in my front yard makes spring a much nearer reality.
in the evening my mom and i went on a walk around one of the many tracts of preserved land near my house. i found (part of) a deer that wasn't so lucky...enough of my disjointed narrative! more pics to come--i went to philadelphia for a concert last night and i had my camera at the ready the whole time. hooray!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

title: old photos!

it's blast from the past time! i was googling myself (read: slacking off from research, bigtime) today, and i found my old account on a site called stock.xchnge. this site used to be a big deal to me. when i was 15 or 16, i discovered the wonderful world of stock photos. i mostly used them to make livejournal and/or neopets layouts (ahem...which is totally not what i do now...). i found this site, probably while googling "stock photos" in an effort to feed the graphics-making beast which lived inside me, and i flipped out. it lets you upload your own photos so that other people will use them as stock for advertising, graphics, etc. i think i had these visions of being catapaulted to photography fame when people saw my photos. i wound up adding two (2), then forgetting about the site. after many long years, here they are again! my two contributions ever to the world of stock photography, and probably among the first original photos i uploaded to the web!
there's the silhouette of 16-year-old me, being austere behind some curtains! how strange that my memories can live outside me on here. now i even remember how i arranged and decorated my room that day. it was beautiful! you can expect some exciting and new photos from hana land very soon--it's almost time for spring break!

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