Saturday, December 13, 2008

title: dec 13

i was walking through the common at dusk and i couldn't help myself. the white lights they've put in the trees are so beautiful! i only had my little digital camera with me, so the quality is not the best, but these pictures make me feel like winter. when i see them i hear buddy holly's "everyday" in my head. i recommend you listen to it (click here and press play in the corner) while you look at them.i put a tripod on my christmas list, so hopefully some of the fruits of that will show up here over the holidays. in four days i get to go home to new jersey!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

title: nov. 17

i was looking through my photos because i am thinking of submitting for the photo book at the college, and i found this one.
i rather like it. when i was first going through photos from this day to put up here i passed this one by. maybe it's because i was seeing fall leaves freaking everywhere and i was sick of them. or maybe i thought it was too cliche. but cliche or not, it's colorful. could it be that i just miss the leaves now that they've gone?

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title: thanksgiving day

i have been so busy with the end of this semester. but i'm here! these photos are from thanksgiving, still fresh in everyone's mind. i know this first one is blurry, but it's just one of those things. it has to be displayed.the following picture merits a disclaimer: it may or may not have been taken by nathan. we were both messing with my camera and taking pictures of the pie (perhaps a substitute for eating it. this was before dinner had started and it was off limits.), so this one may have been his. regardless, enjoy.usually i come out of thanksgiving with a lot more photos, but this year i was alternating family time with writing a 10 page paper on the black death. which is the only way thanksgiving should be celebrated.

happy december!

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