Wednesday, September 23, 2009

title: journey to nijmegen

my friend peter and i went to nijmegen on tuesday. it's a really neat town, it even has a red light district (a single lamp post with red tape on it and 2 duplexes with girls in the front windows). here's what i took with my camera, using which is the same as putting a big red sticker that says "MADE IN U.S.A." on my forehead. here's a fun quiz: how many people do you see in this picture?

also, here is a picture of the coolest tree ever, which resides just outside the doors of kasteel well. one could probably sleep in it, if one were so inclined.this weekend is the trip to amsterdam!

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title: the surroundings of kasteel well on a sunny day

so, i have yet to accurately capture the image of the castle in its entirety. a friend of mine by the name of nicole has done an exceedingly wonderful job at that, however, and you can see her work on her flickr. for now, i have to show you what meager things i have managed to snap--a lot of plants and flowers, as seems to be my tendency.
i took a trip to nijmegen yesterday, and will be putting those photos up later tonight after i sort through them. so much has been going on, sometimes there isn't even time for a camera. imagine such a thing!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

title: kasteel well

i've only been here for a day (i think lost one somewhere in between, and i feel a bit cheated because of this, but i'm going to disregard this), however i think it is safe to say that the town of well is the most beautiful place i've been in my entire life. my camera, of course, has been glued to my neck the entire time. i haven't got so many pictures yet--the old trigger finger functions a bit worse on no sleep. want to see some photos?
you only get a peek of the castle right now. i promise more later!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

title: the final days in america

who says you can't go to the beach in september?
we visited plum island, which is also a wildlife refuge and exceedingly pleasant.

i recommend you view the following photo up close by clicking here. it's the brattle book shop on west street in boston. on nice days they have outdoor shelves full of a really robust and interesting collection of used books at cheap prices. on all days they have an immense selection indoors, arranged on tall shelves in classic bookshop flight leaves tomorrow at 6:05 pm. next time you see me, i'll be living among the dutch (or, rather, ruling over them from my castle).

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

title: sept 6

this seems to be a weekend for fairs. in a true testament to the nature of america, this one is completely different from yesterday's. instead of samosas, funnel cake. instead of traditional dance, freakshows. instead of mehendi, face painting. well, maybe it's not so different after all...
if someone were to ask me to sum up the nature of america, i would point them to a carnival such as this one. this is what it is. just in case any of you were wondering, these photos were taken at the great allentown fair in allentown, pa (where my friend meg goes to muhlenberg college!). the fair will be open until labor day (cripes, that's tomorrow!), so get your butt in gear if you want to visit it.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

title: sept 5

today i went to the indo-american fair in west windsor. it was a fascinating cross-section of new jersey's indian population. people apparently come from all over the state to go to this fair in mercer county park. there was a stage with dance performaces, vendors selling saree and chat foods, and fun things like mehendi artists and bouncy castles (an odd combination, i know). thanks to the new lens i got some colorful shots!
the fair continues into tomorrow (sunday, sept. 6th), so if you're in the area i highly reccomend you visit! click the link at the top of this post for more information.

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title: fm amen!

sometimes music can do that for you.
tonight is one of those times.
(103.3, WPRB)

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

title: sept 3

i got a new lens!! i got a new lens!!! aaahhhh!!
this is a really big deal for me. it's like a photography rite of passage (is it for other people, or am i just being silly?). it's a 55-200mm lens, which allows me to get closer shots of things that usually run away, like this bee! now all i have to do is get used to changing the lens. i have been neurotically cleaning every part of my camera with canned air today.

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