Friday, February 27, 2009

title: feb 27

pictures at last! today it was 59 degrees. 59 degrees means...walking around boston! i had a great trip to the west end library, here's what came out of it.

we are getting the first tastes of spring!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

title: feb 25

me and my colored socks...this is nothing special. but i haven't uploaded anything in a while. i promise when things calm down here i will take better photos. hooray for semi-midterm season!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

title: video project

i'm posting from my new macbook pro! i have no pictures for you all today...but there is a good reason for this, i promise! my friends alex and monique and i have been working on a project for our media production class. we decided on some good, old fashioned stop motion animation. so here it is, finally completed, and set to "exquisite dead guy" by they might be giants. enjoy, and please let me know what you think!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

title: feb 15

this week i'm working on a music video project. i'm going to call it a photography project because it's all stop motion. i will make a link available to you guys here when it's done. for now, enjoy what might possibly my the first photographic evidence of me knowing somebody at emerson.
this is alex. everybody say hi. hi alex!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

title: ahhh!

and now i'm going to do a quick update with some business.

first point of order: i have reached 200 hits. i am pretty sure that about 50 of them were me checking to see how many hits i have/previewing while editing the layout, but this still makes me excited. that means people like to read this and keep coming back! eeee!
in line with this, i encourage you to leave me a comment if you see something you like! i have anonymous comments enabled, so you don't have to sign into crap to say something. you really have no excuse.

second point of order: you may have noticed my nifty new creative commons license. it's totally lenient, and just asks that you give me credit when using my work in noncommercial derivatives and that you share whatever you make in an equally generous way. i can only feel like i'm contributing to my culture if my work is available for everyone to remix.
and in line with that, you should send me a link to what you make! show me! i am greatly excited by the idea of inspiring others because there are so many people who inspire me.

third point of order: i put my blog on stumbleupon. i know, i'm lame, "thumbs-up"ing myself and all. buuuttt...if you're stumbling, and you like, thumbs-up me. do a girl a favor.

thanks for looking. high five!

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title: feb 11

i actually have photos for you! i had an hour before class today so i decided to do some wandering around the common. i wish i could describe to you how the air smelled. just think cold, clean, cotton sheets. i definitely whiffed spring. you probably did too if you live in/near boston. words cannot express my excitement for spring.
i really wanted to make this here paperclip stand out against the grass. paperclips are pretty visually impressive, as far as office supplies go, especially when they're colorful. so i got into photoshop and edited the crap out of this photo. may i say again, what a perfectly marvelous program. in internet news, i was fortunate enough to discover earthablum today. you can go to any part of the map and see photos from that area. i am in true love with the photos from japan. this is an awesome way to spend your time, and in a way it's a comprehensive course in photography. there is as much (if not more) to be learned by seeing other peoples' work and trying random things with your camera as there is to be taught in any photo class. i recommend all you readers out there go to earthalbum, select an exotic or exciting destination, and immerse yourself.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

title: feb 5

part of me is thinking that this is an off-week for my photography. i was messing around in my dorm room and just couldn't quite get it. i'm going to post these two here in the hopes they will grow on, also, i hate the fluorescent lights on my wall. they are the ugliest plastic sconces and they give off the grossest light. aaaah! i'm going to drown my sorrow in a cup of tea.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

title: feb 3

today was pretty much the exact opposite of yesterday. it snowed. in fact, it's still snowing. i didn't have class until 4, so i took the time to ride out to the wonderland t stop on the blue line and visit revere beach. those of you who have seen eternal sunshine of the spotless mind would understand very much why a trip to beach in the snow is such a desiriable thing for me.
so, turns out the movie told the truth: the beach is actually there all year round. it sort of faded into my view through the snowstorm. here's something eternal sunshine didn't convey: the beach is freaking terrifying in the wintertime. i swear all of my organs sank 2 inches in my chest when i saw it. i don't know if anyone else can verify this fact--maybe i'm just crazy.

my photos don't convey the fear--i think it has something to do with the waves moving. in fact, the photos i took today are not my a game. i was so awed and distracted by the beach around me (and the fact that there was SNOW FREEZING ON MY LENS, DEAR GOD WHY). but maybe you will enjoy them simply for their novelty. there is a beach in this photo. there is also snow on said beach. what?!
good photos or not, i still had a great time. and i found some cool snail shells. i think i'm going to go back a lot, just because i can actually get to a beach in a reasonable amount of time FOR TWO DOLLARS. what is this madness?

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Monday, February 2, 2009

title: feb 2nd

today is a day full of dripping snow. i wish i could be home to see the melt. i wandered around in chinatown:i have received my wecb showtime for this semester: thursdays from 12-2 PM. we go on air feb 6th, so my first show will be on the following thursday. to listen go to (there's also a link in the sidebar).

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